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The new customs office®
– your ISO 9001:2015 compliant customs wiki

  • Customs information and terminology comprehensively explained
  • Comprehensive search function for customs and legal regulations
  • Immediate access to all key legal regulations for import/export at a glance
  • Document, application and approval management
  • Deposit step-by-step instructions for your own customs clearance

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Successfully used by our customers:

Customers and companies of znet
  • All key customs regulations (e.g. UZK, UZK DV, Dual-Use Regulation, AWV, etc.) are electronically deposited and continually updated
  • Comprehensive search function and systematic display of legal regulations and customs processes
  • Detailed overview of customs procedures from A(EO) to Z(ero VAT).
  • All information about ATLAS including the leaflet for participants and code lists
  • Individual depositing of own customs approvals, authorisations and processes
  • 100% ISO 9001:2015 compliant
  • “Step-by-step” documentation of your specific customs processes, which are transparent for all employees at all times
  • Learn in the workplace: effective, simple training of new employees and holiday replacements
  • As stand-alone or integrated into zara®. Fast, intuitive access to all relevant customs and foreign trade regulations of the EU
  • Tariffing principles and management of tariff information
  • Document management with upload function and group work
  • Excellent synergy with all our zara® products, which keep you on the customs’ pulse at all times
  • Stay up to date and informed anywhere in the world at all times



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